What is Psonríe?

Psonríe is an online psychological counselling service that provides the professional support and necessary company for you to face your day-to-day problems in a healthier and more effective way.


Professional psychologists

We do a rigorous selection of licensed and experienced psychologists.


100% confidential

We offer you a safe and private context so that you can speak with complete confidence.


Online therapy

Do your online counselling sessions wherever you are and from any device.


Instant sessions

You can always contact a professional, just when you need it.

Awards, recognitions and trust

Our psychologists

+ 100,000 users trust Psonríe

Our psychologists

We only work with licensed and experienced psychologists

We select the best professionals to ensure quality care that meets your needs. Psonríe's psychologists will accompany you at all times so that you can overcome the obstacles that prevent you from having a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Are you a psychologist?

We’ve helped people with personal challenges like yours:

This is our approach

Choose with the help of your psychologist the best monthly therapeutic plan for you

Continuous therapeutic process through unlimited chat with a response in less than 24h
25-minutes live sessions by chat or video call.


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live sessions



unlimited chat



live sessions



unlimited chat



live sessions

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You just have to follow these 4 easy steps:


Download the app for free or access through our website.


Create your profile. All information is 100% confidential and secure


Take your first orientation session for free and live the experience of speaking with a psychologist instantly.


From now on we will accompany you in achieving a better emotional well-being.

Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Psonríe.

In Psonrie we use psychological counselling. It has been proved that online therapy is effective if the client is willing to change. It’s important to want to change in order to solve your problems and listen to the psychologist’s suggestions.
Completely. At Psonrie we don’t know any personal data, everything will be kept between you and your psychologist. We will only use your email for security reasons or to communicate news and daily fees.
Yes. You can always choose the professional you wish to start your session with out of all the ones who are available and you can see their information, photo and name. You can also see them in “our Psychologist” section.

Make sure you have 25 minutes to do the session and start whenever you want; You can contact your psychologist instantly or schedule your session through the prior appointment option. And if at any time of the day you don't find a psychologist, they may be busy doing other sessions, but we will notify you as soon as one of them is available.
We have a great variety of professionals and we are able to help you with whatever problem you have. For example: couple therapy, anxiety, stress, personal development, depression, and so on. We also do long-therm therapy with the same psychologist, you can contact them outside of your session and schedule an appointment for the future.
Psonrie is now currently available in our webpage, Android and iOS. Start now or download our app and contact with one of our professionals by chat, voice or video.

You can contact us through a form located in our contacts page and we will reply in less than 48 hours.
You proceed with the payment in our app. Once you have chosen a psychologist, the payment is processed, and you can then start your session.

We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. In order to guarantee our trust, our payment system is totally safe as we use Stripe, this way your card information is not saved in any of our servers.
It’s important that you have 25 minutes available before starting your session. However, if you have to abandon the session for any reason, you can contact us, and we will find the best solution for you.
When you are about to pay for your session you can use a coupon and benefit from the discount. The coupons have a due date and you can only use them once. Make sure you use it before it expires!
All Psonríe psychologists are qualified and in possession of the title of Graduate / Bachelor of Psychology, as well as the legally required health permission. In addition, all of them are registered in the corresponding Official College of Psychologists in their geographical area.

On the other hand, Psonríe's position is clearly contrary to professional intrusion in the field of Psychology.