What is Psonríe?

Psonríe is an online psychological counselling service that provides the professional support and necessary company for you to face your day-to-day problems in a healthier and more effective way.


Professional psychologists

We do a rigorous selection of licensed and experienced psychologists.


100% confidential

We offer you a safe and private context so that you can speak with complete confidence.


Online therapy

Do your online counselling sessions wherever you are and from any device.


Instant sessions

You can always contact a professional, just when you need it.

Step by step you will go far


You just have to follow these 4 easy steps:


Download the app for free or access through our website.


Create your profile. All information is 100% confidential and secure


Live the experience of talking to a psychologist instantly.


We will accompany you in the process to improve your emotional well-being.

Benefits of online psychological therapy

  • Yes Avoid travel, save time. Going to the psychologist has never been so comfortable.
  • Yes Choose the time, the place and chat with your psychologist wherever and whenever you want.
  • Yes Complete privacy and anonymity, we don't store personal data.

Is online psychological therapy effective?

Online psychological therapy has the same effectiveness as traditional face-to-face psychotherapy, as long as it is carried out by a qualified professional, and it is preferably carried out in real time to have fluid communication.

Taking into account that the diagnostic procedure, the definition of goals and the treatment is the same in both modalities, we can conclude that the main difference is the environment in which it is performed. And it is this difference that provides a series of benefits for the user:

• It is more comfortable, discreet and private than conventional therapy because it does not require traveling to the consultation to perform the session. With online therapy you can do it from where you are most comfortable.

• Time flexibility is greater in online psychotherapy since it can be done whenever the user wishes.

• Online psychotherapy is more accessible since it is not necessary for the user to reside in the same location as the psychologist. As there is no geographic limitation, the number of professionals the user can access is greater than in face-to-face therapy.

• Online therapy has a lower cost than face-to-face therapy at the session level since the psychologist does not need to cover the costs of a physical infrastructure. In addition, the user saves transportation costs.

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Psychology chats comparison

Immediate attention 24/7 service Privacy Monitoring
Psonrie Yes Yes Yes Yes
TherapyChat No No Yes Yes
Terapify No No Yes No
iFeel No No Yes Yes
CanalChat No No No No
ChatHispano No No Yes No
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