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The stress caused by the pandemic has raised existing problems in the couple.
75% of couples who have attended therapy have resolved their difficulties.

You may have some questions about couple therapy.
We will try to solve them:

Couples therapy is a resource available to couples seeking to solve problems in their relationship . This help is provided by experts in psychology who use psychotherapeutic techniques adapted to each particular case, with the aim of strengthening communication, empathy and other essential values for a couple relationship to function optimally.

Couples therapy can be implemented from various models. Among the most prominent are the following: Cognitive-behavioral therapy , one of the most effective methodologies, encourages partners to analyze and modify irrational beliefs and thoughts that interfere with communication and functioning of the couple; systemic therapy , which emphasizes the role played by each of the individuals in the relationship; the Gottman method , which uses seven basic principles (respect differences, show affection, resolve conflicts, construct love maps, express interest and create shared meaning) to make relationships work; and the psychodynamic model , which focuses on how conflicts that occurred in childhood or early development have been able to affect the current state of the person attending therapy.

Going to couple therapy is not an easy decision; However, there are some clear signs that show us when it's necessary to seek help and put ourselves in the hands of a specialist. For example, when we don't see clear solutions to everyday problems, when we are stuck in a conflict, when we feel that we don't provide all possible well-being for our children due to relationship problems, when we use any excuse to evade everyday life and obligations as a couple, when there is an obvious communication deficit or when we suspect that an infidelity has occurred.

Couples therapy is a tool that can be very useful for coping with the conflicts and challenges that many relationships go through. This type of therapy will help us connect with our partner in a more honest and sensitive way , addressing problems such as loss of sexual desire, monotony or lack of communication from a more realistic, empathetic and close point of view. .

Couple therapy allows us to address a wide variety of problems:

  • Communication problems and deficits between the members of the couple.
  • Difficulties in coexistence, frustration and boredom from routine.
  • Economic problems and financial difficulties that end up affecting the couple's relationship.
  • Family conflicts and toxic relationships with members of the in-laws that, if not addressed in time, end up dragging on and negatively affecting the relationship.
  • Suspicion of infidelity, pathological jealousy and envy.
  • Difficulties in the sexual field.
  • Traumatic events or delicate situations that one of the members of the couple is going through.
  • Problems with children: feeling of not giving them everything they need, which generates problems in the dynamics of the couple.
  • Emotional dependence because one of the members of the couple has low self-esteem and is "hooked" on the other person.
  • Differences in values or ideology: for example, in how to face the future of the couple or in what way to educate the children.

Couple therapy is considered a very useful therapeutic method, since it has a success rate of around 70%. For this therapy to work, it is essential to follow a series of steps such as practicing active listening, always going with the truth ahead, going to a consultation without prejudice and open to learning new skills, not setting limits to the duration of the therapy and keeping in a positive and cooperative attitude at all times.

One of the main aspects when conducting couples therapy is that both members are clear about their desire to improve and to cause profound changes in the form and structure of the relationship . In addition, it is recommended that they go to the psychologist together, since in this way they will be able to confront their fears, desires and feelings face to face, which favors empathy and mutual understanding, key aspects in this type of therapy.

When a relationship is not going through its best moment and one of the two members makes the decision to resort to couples therapy, it's not strange that sometimes the other person has reluctance or refuses to go to the psychologist. This usually happens due to having preconceived ideas about what couple therapy is, having had negative past experiences with other therapies, or simply because of a fear of the unknown (not knowing what exactly this type of therapy consists of). In these cases, try to motivate and suggest to the couple the convenience of putting themselves in the hands of a professional who specializes in the matter. And if the person does not give in, it is preferable to go alone and transfer what they have learned in therapy to the other member of the couple .

Couple therapy is carried out in 25-minute sessions by chat, voice or video , with a price from € 18.00 . In addition, as long as the couples need it and the psychologist agrees, the sessions can be extended in 25-minute intervals.
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Couple test

Psychologist and researcher John Gottman developed a method for studying dating relationships based on research and therapeutic advice. This test measures how one of the members perceives the relationship. Therefore, if the scores were low, it would be convenient to put it together to determine what aspects of the relationship need to be strengthened through therapeutic work with a specialist.

Identify the weak points in your relationship through the the Love Test proposed by John Gottman.

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